Personal Safety Training That Saves Lives.

 Empowering People To Save Lives When Violence Happens.

Keynote Speaker

A lot can be learned in short presentations.  Do you have an event, conference, or group and need a quality speaker?  Glen Evans prepares audiences to meet any safety challenge with confidence and skill to not only survive but thrive in the face of human aggression.

Custom Seminars

Personal safety is important for every age group.  Glen creates age and audience specific seminars to deliver high quality information while developing skills ranging from verbal deescalation to powerful self defense skills.  Seminars are custom designed for your group.

Training Events

Are you hosting a training event and need your corporation or non-profit trained in specific safety skills?  Glen Evans offers training blocks of instruction designed to help your team members discover important violence prevention skills from liability reduction to active shooter training.

We Serve Corporations, Non-Profits, Schools & Churches

What Clients Are Saying About Glen Evans Seminars

“I hired Glen to come to our Early Learning Center as a professional development training for our teachers. This training was hands down the most helpful training we’ve ever had. Not only did we all walk out feeling like we were informed about safety in our school but we also felt empowered and armed with skills and strategies to protect our students and ourselves should we ever need them. The hands on drills give you a true sense of how you can combat an attack at your school– something no one wants to imagine but everyone should practice. It is often uncomfortable to plan for and practice for a school lockdown or intruder but it is incredibly comforting to know that myself and our teachers are more confident in our practices after Glen’s training.”

Joanie Weghorst

Owner, The Campus at Kids First

“Any of the safety workshops available through Glen Evans are highly recommended. We can assure that participants will gain valuable life-saving skills on keeping safe.”

Amy Augsburger

Safety Consultant, Ohio Dept. of Transportation

“With Glen’s training we are equipped to avoid or conquer violent situations by quickly analyzing and taking immediate action. This training taught our team to de-escalate conflict by using the same organized approach taught by Glen.”

Barney Cook

Business Owner

DLM used the blended training model recommended by Glen. Glen uses realistic training to get your adrenalin going, but communicates what to expect in each scenario, so there are no surprises and people do not over react and hurt anyone or themselves. After the first scenario I knew online training was not enough. We made mistakes because the adrenalin was pumping. Glen explained why we were making mistakes and then asked what we were thinking when making our decisions. By the third scenario there were less mistakes and faster reactions. I had nothing but positive feedback from those taking the classes and how it changed how they would react in an active shooting situation.  


Edward Flohre

Vice President of Human Resources, Dorothy Lane Market

The training we received from Glen Evans gave our staff the confidence and knowledge necessary to create the safest possible environment for our students.  The tactical information given to us was specific to our environment and has been invaluable.  Glen is experienced and well prepared and was able to guide our staff through difficult topics with skill, understanding, and wisdom.



Mary Binning

Business Owner/Teacher

Human Aggression Is Scary, But Training Shouldn’t Be.

Glen Offers One-Hour Keynote Speaking & Modules Of Training

When clients or employees lose control and display aggressive or threatening behavior, it is so important those in your organization understand how to quickly verbally de-escalate the person and help them regain control without harming anyone near them.  In this module, Glen Evans uses real life police stories to entertain his audience while helping them develop incredible skills to stop rude, loud, or verbally aggressive people while maintaining professionalism, keep their cool, and gaining voluntary compliance without making things worse.

Workplace violence is a real problem in the United States.  Every year businesses lose millions of dollars to lost time, productivity, and law suits resulting from violent acts occurring in the workplace.  In this block of instruction, Glen works to help managers and employees respond to complaints of irrational behavior, bullying, violent acts, and threats to the business which can harm your human assets.  It doesn’t pay to ignore threatening or actual violence because it can escalate into overt acts of retribution like an active shooter situation.

Random acts of violence have become common in the United States.  No institution is immune to this threat, and it is vital your employees understand exact steps to take should an active shooter attack your workplace.  In this active block of training, Glen teaches you how to respond by locking down, buying time to counter, resistance techniques, and how to escape from the building.  When seconds count and the police are minutes away,  you need life saving skills to help fellow employees recognize what is happening and acting quickly to survive the encounter.