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“Safety & Security Can Be Scary Business …

Hiring A Speaker Or Trainer Doesn’t Have To Be!”

Twenty-six years in law enforcement can give a speaker a lot of awesome material!




 When I share real life stories from people who survive violence, the audience sits up, raises their ear, and pays close attention.


 I weave real life stories through my presentations and reveal how normal people just like them are able to survive and thrive in the toxic environment of human conflict.




 I have found many people agree that we are living in what feels like an increasingly violent world and they want to know what to do when confronted by the ugliness of confrontation and violence.


My super power lies in taking the negative and making it a positive and giving my audiences and training groups special skills to not only recognize and avoid bad situations, but to respond calmly and confidently to protect themselves from becoming victims.


It all lies in understanding who you are and believing you have everything you need to respond positively, or as I say it, “How to keep your mind, when everybody else is losing theirs.”


A Little Bit About Me…


Just after graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice, I started out as a squeaky clean, idealistic police officer, I wanted to help protect people. I took every bit of training I could attend and it really helped me as I continuously ran into violent situations on the street.  My fifteen years in SWAT contributed to an ever expanding base of knowledge.  


Early I quickly found out I wasn’t around when people really needed to be protected, and I quickly realized all the training I was receiving from world class trainers was really going to waste. I thought, “What if regular people knew what I knew?”


I created a few programs and began telling people about them. The next thing I knew I was traveling around my state speaking and training women and children in personal safety and self defense.  In 2009, I began an online security community and I’ve been busy training and speaking since.

What I bring to your event is positive energy about personal safety.  So many people believe you can do nothing about staying safe and self protection, and there can be nothing further from the truth.

My audiences are excited about self protection and stopping violence in their workplace, school or church.  They are empowered to act and appreciate the simple tools and techniques I communicate through my humorous and thoughtful presentations.

Whatever your audience, I craft customized presentations that focus on understanding conflict, de-escalating violence, and self protection skills they can use the moment they walk out the door.