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On March 11, 2017, two Mormon missionaries were minding their own business when two Brazilian thugs drove up on a motorcycle. The back passenger jumped off and stuck a pistol in one of the young men’s gut and demanded money. What happens next is quite impressive.

Acting quickly, the missionary goes on the attack, disarms the thug and sends him to flight. The other robber dismounts from his motorcycle and attempts to get the gun back. The missionary flings the gun up into the area and proceeds to land several incredible blows to his jaw.

As he is man handling the robber, another motorcyclist pulls up and tries to help the missionary. Finally the robber, gets to his feet and begins to run away.

Good guys win!

Watch The Video

LDS Missionary Beats Brazilian Motorcycle Robber from Glen Evans on Vimeo.

Author: Glen

Glen Evans is an author and speaker focused on helping people save their own lives. Through entertaining talks for all ages, Glen demonstrates how our body responds to danger and steps we can take that increase our chance of survival.