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Safe Girls Know What To Do

When Men Behave Badly.

In 3 short hours, you will be amazed how much you will learn. The Safe Girls Seminar is designed to maximize safety and self defense skill development quickly to empower you to know exactly what to do if a man threatens your personal safety.  You will discover how to use your voice, mind and body to avoid or stop unwanted advances, sexual harrassment, and sexual assault from bad men.

What The Safe Girls Seminar Can Do For You.

Boost Your Intuition

The first hour of the Safe Girls Seminar is focused on helping women tap into their brain’s safety and survival mechanism. You will discover how your brain works with your body to alert you to potentially dangerous people and bad situations. We believe your body has been given everything it needs to detect bad men, dissuade bad behavior, and alert you to perilous circumstances giving you time to respond powerfully. This will boost your safety 100%.

Become Safer & Stronger

Men of ill repute do not want a strong and powerful woman who will resist them. We teach you how to use your body to send signals of strength, how to project confidence, and the secret no criminal wants you to know. The Safe Girls Seminar goes beyond teaching you “moves” and trains your mind and body to achieve calmness under pressure, quick action techniques to dissuade violence, and devastating personal safety techniques to effect an escape.

Peace of Mind, Soul & Spirit

Safe Girls Seminar was created by Glen Evans, a 26 year police officer, but more importantly, he is husband and father of two daughters. In fifteen years of teaching women safety and self defense to all age groups, he has discovered most women walk through life with a quiet underlying fear of confrontation with men. Most women have never been trained in self protection skills. Discovering these skills gives you peace in the understanding you are self-reliant.

What A Safe Girls Seminar Looks Like.

You Choose The Levels For Your Group

Customized Safety Presentation

Personal safety begins by simply agreeing bad people exist and then developing plans to counter bad behavior.  The presentation portion is customizable to each individual group and the message is crafted to match the group’s specific needs.  Whether you are a group of business women, stay at home moms, college students, or teen aged girls the message will be delivered in appropriate language with matching stories to help your group develop safety strategies.

Customized Self Defense Techniques

During the presentation, participants learn about how the body responds to stressful situations. Not all safety problems require physical techniques.  Your group will learn how to handle everything from sexual harassment through assertiveness training to physical self defense techniques providing an opportunity to escape and remove yourself to a safe place.  This is where girls discover how physically strong they can really be.

Customized Safety Scenarios

Whether you need harassment training or self defense skills, we create short safety problem scenarios based upon what bad men fear the most. This empowering segment of the class brings all of your skills together and where you combine awareness, avoidance, verbal skills, and self defense skills into a specific problem to boost your confidence and convince yourself that you do have the power to counter bad behavior.

How The Safe Girls Seminar Works

We Travel To Your Group

We travel to your corporate, non-profit, or educational group and provide a modular seminar based upon your needs. The seminar is available in one, two or three hour sessions and is customizable according to your audience. The material is adjusted dependent upon the age of girls attending your sessions and the specific needs of your attendees.

We Host & Invite You To Come

During certain times of the year, we rent a venue and advertise via Facebook inviting girls of all ages to participate in the event. Normally this is a per person fee and registration and payment are taken online. We then send confirmation with the event details and show up at the appointed day and time for a life changing experience.

What Others Are Saying About The Safe Girls Seminar

I have hosted and taken many of Glen’s self defense classes and I learn something new each time. His trainings are interesting and interactive, and he is a great public speaker. I highly recommend taking a class from Glen!


Gym Owner

I always wondered what I would do and definitely didn’t feel equipped. This seminar taught me awareness is key and to be LOUD. This was excellent. Glen was clearly an expert, relateable and entertaining.



Before the Safe Girls Seminar, I was not nearly as confident as I am now and I didn’t want to think about safety. I now have new found confidence, a voice, and new skills. Glen was fantastic, knowledgeable and made it easy for us to follow. He was very engaging.


Health Consultant

Before this training I wasn’t sure I could confidently defend myself. I discovered the importance of being alert, using my voice, and appearing strong. Glen was extremely knowledgeable and offered realistic training.


Social Worker

It took this class with my three teen-aged daughters. I discovered how to be aware and avoiding a conflict before it happens. The Safe Girls Seminar helped me learn how to use my voice, as well as practical techniques to use. This was excellent. The speaker was humorous and gave great information.



Before the Safe Girls Seminar I didn’t believe I could handle a potentially bad situation. This was excellent. I learned a lot in a short amount of time and would tell my friends about it!


College Student

Meet The Safe Girls Seminar Instructors


Glen Evans, Lead Instructor

Glen Evans has been teaching personal safety and self defense education for 20 years. He is a husband and father of four children with 26 years of police experience.

Annmarie Evans, Instructor

Annmarie Evans has been helping women and children stay safe for fifteen years.  She is an elementary school teacher and co-creator of the Safe Girls and Safe Kids Seminar.

Olivia Evans, Instructor

Olivia Evans is a college student studying elementary education.  She had been assisting and teaching women’s and children’s personal safety classes for several years.

Why We Created The Safe Girls Seminar

Safe Girls Seminar creator Glen Evans is a twenty-six year veteran police officer with a passion for teaching women how to protect themselves. In addition to teaching Safe Girls, Glen travels and speaks on numerous personal safety skills including verbal de-escalation, personal self defense, workplace violence, and active shooter response.

He says, “Every girl of every age, needs a plan to deal with bad men. Shortly after our community lost a young lady to violence, I created Safe Girls for my own wife and daughters. Everything I wanted them to know about awareness, avoidance, and self defense is in this program. The best part is it is a small investment of time and money with lifetime returns.”

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