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In a suburban target store near Seattle, WA a man entered a Target store and approached a woman and ordered her to exit the store with him. He stated he had a gun, and when he threatened to shoot her, she said, “Go ahead.” He then grabbed her arm forcefully and she broke his grip and created distance alerting others to her problem.

I teach women, young and old, to believe something can and will happen. It is when we do the unexpected quickly that increases our chances of safety and survival.

In the Safe Girls Seminar we focus attention on believing anything can happen and equipping women to not only be alert, but to know how to respond when it does.

Everybody has an Arc of Survival, this is a decision process that occurs based upon training. It begins with Denial, goes to Deliberation, and ends in Decisive action – this is a process that takes time, especially when one doesn’t expect a problem. The goal of the training is to shrink the Arc of Survival and respond quickly by using your voice, coupled with physical skills if necessary.

In this situation, the victim kept her head. The reporter revealed she has a CCW license and was armed. I believe this helped her. Any prior training will come to your aid. The only thing I would have improved was to become louder faster and deliver precision strikes to his eyes, nose and throat.

Although security was alerted, they did not attempt to stop the man. He was able to escape the store, go into another store nearby and attempt to assault an employee in the bathroom. She too resisted, which led to his capture.

Author: Glen

Glen Evans is an author and speaker focused on helping people save their own lives. Through entertaining talks for all ages, Glen demonstrates how our body responds to danger and steps we can take that increase our chance of survival.